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Interior Design Business Growth Process

Design Success University and Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting
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[headline_box text=”Start-Up $0 – $49k Annual Revenue”]

Design Success UniversityBusiness Quick Start Package

The Business Quick Start Package includes the following products:

Stealth Marketing Secrets

  • 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Interior Designers Make
  • 10 Low Or No Cost Marketing Tactics
  • Single video and transcript

Perfect if you’re relatively new to the interior design business, or you need a few new proven strategies.

12-Month Roadmap to Financial Success

  • Video 1 – Your 12 Month Road Map to Success with transcript
  • Video 2 – Business Dashboard Demonstration with transcript
  • Quick & Easy Gap Analysis Tool
  • 12-Month Driving Vision
  • Quick & Easy 90-Day Plan – Months 1 – 3
  • Quick & Easy 90-Day Plan – Months 4 – 6
  • Quick & Easy 90-Day Plan – Months 7 – 9
  • Quick & Easy 90-Day Plan – Months 10 – 12
  • 1-Month Quick & Easy Check-In – Months 1 – 12
  • 1-Week Quick & Easy Plan – Weeks 1 – 52
  • 1-Day Quick & Easy Plan – Blank form
  • 12-Month Quick & Easy Financial Plan
  • Quick & Easy Metrics
  • Quick & Easy Dashboard
  • Quick & Easy Budget
  • Checklists and Notes

This package helps you create a budget, a 90 day plan and an overall plan for your business. This is not the same as a business plan, but for most designers, this is all you need to help you build a more profitable and successful business

Productivity Toolbox 

  • Quick Assessment of CEO Position
  • CEO Time Blocking
  • Employee Productivity Analysis
  • Employee Time Blocking
  • Task Delegation Spreadsheet
  • Telephone Interview Questionnaire
  • Ideal Client Profile

One of the biggest challenges most designers have is managing their time with the avalanche of emails, text messages and interruptions from their team members. These tools will help you be more effective and efficient saving countless hours of wasted time. Just think, if you could save just three hours of time, and you bill $100 per hour, you’ve paid for this package many times over.


[headline_box text=”Survival $50k to $99k Annual Revenue”]

1406_GEN_VBFS_LinkedIn_281x136Value Based Fee System

Today’s consumers are more cost conscious than ever – especially the Millenials who are now a major purchasing group among potential prospects. Offering hourly billing with a mark-up may not work for the new consumers, and you want to be relevant and ready to serve this new buying group the way they want to be served. Offering your services with a Value Based Fee will help you appeal to a broader market, and stay competitive.

  • Module 1 Case Study “How to Determine Your Value Based Fees”
    Case Study #1 – An interview with Kathy Alexander, Allied ASID, Alexander Interiors, LLC
  • Module 2 Case Study “Setting Fixed Fees”
    Case Study #2 – An interview with Valentina Cirasola, Valentina Interiors & Design
    oModule 3 Case Study “Fixed Fees For Happier Clients”
  • Case Study #3 – An interview with Kristi Dinner, Allied ASID, Company KD
  • Module 4 Case Study “Controlling Your Clients For Profit”
    Case Study #4 – An interview with Vicente Wolf, Vicente Wolf Associates, Inc.
  • Module 5 Case Study “How To Change Your Business With Value Based Fees”
    Case Study #5 – An interview with Amy Wolff, C.I.D., Amy Wolff Interiors
  • Module 6 Nuts & Bolts Capstone Class “Customize Your Value Based Fee Offer”
    2 Hour Session with Gail Doby, ASID, Design Success University, LLC


  • Access To Private LinkedIn Group Moderated By Gail Doby
  • Bonus Case Study with Ray-Lee Mesentsev – Qualifying Your Clients & Preventing Problems In Your Business
  •  Bonus Case Study with Tobi Fairley – Best Practices: How To Calculate Value Based Fees
  • Bonus Case Study with Kristin Drohan – Savvy Designer Kristin Drohan Shares Super Success Secrets
  • Contract Terms from Kristin Drohan
  • Pricing Strategies with Gail Doby
  • Client Interview Questionnaire
  • Telephone Interview Questionnaire
  • Value Based Fees Design Services Proposal Template
  • Buying Facilitation® – It’s Different From Sales
  • Design Success University’s Testimonial Template


[headline_box text=”Stability $100k to $249k Annual Revenue”]

Strategic Business TransformationStrategic Business Transformation (SBT)

Design schools offer one or maybe two business courses in your curriculum, and if you want to run a successful and profitable business, that’s not enough to prepare you. SBT was created by interior designers for interior designers. We walk you step-by-step through the most foundational elements of building a business that is sustainable – like your Vision, Mission, Goals, Budget, setting up your Chart of Accounts, etc. We even show you methods to increase your productivity, hire, manage your team, work with clients and solve problems. We discuss the essentials for growth and productivity in terms you’ll understand.

You can learn at your own pace – 24/7/365 by accessing your Private Members Area with videos, checklists and exercises. You can listen over and over again until you’ve mastered the material.

Hundreds of designers have completed this 12-month course that helps you build a strong foundation for future growth and profit.

  • Module 1 – Where Are You Right Now?
  • Module 2 – Your Business Why & Strategic Roadmap
  • Module 3 – Which Business Model is Right for You?
  • Module 4 – Making Friends with Your Financials
  • Module 5 – Your Baseline Assessments
  • Module 6 – Identify Your Natural Strengths
  • Module 7 – How to Effectively Manage Your Priorities, Time, Delegate & Outsource
  • Module 8 – Building & Empowering Your Internal Team
  • Module 9 – Building a Powerful External Team
  • Module 10 – Marketing Your Business
  • Module 11 – How to Manage Your Clients and Have Happy Endings & Referrals
  • Module 12 – Anticipating & Solving Problems Before They Become Mountains
  • 12 Bonus eBooks


Interior Design Business Docs - EssentialsInterior Design Business Docs – Essentials

If you need contracts that were developed over 30 years of business by one of the top 200 interior design firms in the US, J Banks, you’ll really appreciate IDBD Essentials. You’ll also have access to a video by Joni Vanderslice, the founder of J Banks, and Anna Ruby, her VP of Creative who will share how to grow your business, get clients and close clients. This includes seven contracts – residential, commercial and retail. IDBD Essentials is perfect for a small firm that wants to protect its business, and present a professional image to its clients, and doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars and a few months of time to create the right contract for the right situation. IDBD Essentials is a great starting point, and if your firm continues to grow, you can purchase modules of IDBD ala carte according to your needs.

  • Cheat Sheet: Business Growth
  • Organizational Charts: Outlines for different phases of growth
  • Video: Building your brand, visibility, your skills and your team’s skills (Joni Vanderslice & Gail Doby)
  • Video: How to Sell the Contract (Anna Ruby & Gail Doby) – Dos and Don’ts of Client Negotiation
  • Contracts: Residential and Commercial
  • Residential Design Agreement – Design & Purchasing (Hourly Fees, Cost Plus)
  • Residential Design Agreement – Design & Purchasing (Hourly Fees, Multiple Pricing Options)
  • Residential Design Agreement – Design Fees Only (Hourly Fees)
  • Residential Design Agreement – Design Fees Only (Flat Fee)
  • Commercial Design Agreement – Design & Purchasing (Hourly Fees)
  • Commercial Design Agreement – Design & Purchasing (Flat Fee)
  • Retail Design Agreement


[headline_box text=”Success $250k to $499k Annual Revenue”]


If you like shortcuts, you’ll love a customized VIP Day with one of our Gail Doby Certified Coaches. The VIP Day takes the best elements of SBT and distills them into a clear action plan that your coach develops with you specifically for your business. Your coach will review where you’ve been, where you want to go, and will show you exactly what you need to do to take your business to the next level. We always find money on the table that you’re missing that will more than pay for the investment in the VIP Day. A VIP Day is perfect for you if you’ve reached at least $250K in sales, and you’re ready to grow your firm into a strong and sustainable business. If you need to develop a marketing strategy and plan, that can be done during the VIP Day. If you need to create a staffing plan, that will be reviewed. Your personal financial goals and net worth will be evaluated to determine what your business needs to generate in net profit to accomplish those goals. A budget will also be created for your business. Best of all, you’ll walk out with clarity and confidence about the next steps in your business. We’ve seen amazing results from the VIP Days. This is perfect for you if you are in a hurry to change your results and don’t have time to wait 12 months to apply the lessons from SBT to your business.


[headline_box text=”Scale $500k to $999k”]

Interior Design Business DocsInterior Design Business Documents

If you want to build a strong foundation for business growth, why not copy a successful firm with over 40+ employees that has spent 30 years developing the tools, contracts, and checklists that every firm needs but doesn’t want to re-invent.

IDBD is perfect for a firm of 4 or more people with a growth trajectory that requires a strong business operation.

  • SIX VIDEO MODULES – In depth interviews with Joni Vanderslice and the J Banks team encompass best practices for managing key functional areas in your business.
  • SIX MANUALS – (One for each module) – Transcriptions of each video in case you prefer reading over listening.
  • Module 1 – How To Grow A Successful Interior Design Firm
  • Module 2 – How To Select & Onboard A Strong Team
  • Module 3 – How To Manage Your Team
  • Module 4 – How To Manage Your Business Finances
  • Module 5 – How To Manage Clients
  • Module 6 – Internal Order Management, Travel & Photography
  • FORMS & CHEAT SHEETS – All of the important documents you need to run your business internally.
  • HUMAN RESOURCE MANUAL – You can customize for your company.


  • HOW TO SELL THE CONTRACT Dos and Don’ts of Client Negotiation (video & transcript)
    • Residential Design Agreement – Design & Purchasing
    • (Hourly Fees, Cost Plus Only)
    • Residential Design Agreement – Design & Purchasing
    • (Hourly Fees, Multiple Pricing Options)
    • Residential Design Agreement – Design Fees Only (Hourly Fees)
    • Residential Design Agreement – Design Fees Only (Flat Fee)
    • Commercial Design Agreement – Design & Purchasing (Hourly Fees)
    • Commercial Design Agreement – Design & Purchasing (Flat Fee)
    • Design Agreement – Retail


1406_GEN_Platinum_LinkedIn_281x136VIP Platinum

VIP Platinum Coaching is for firms that have completed at least one VIP Day (many of our clients complete at least one VIP Day annually). As a Platinum VIP Coaching client, you’ll get monthly or quarterly coaching, email, and text/phone access to your coach between calls for immediate and urgent questions or challenges. Plus, you get a ticket to our annual Interior Design Summit. We customize packages for your specific business, based on precisely what will get you to exactly where you want to be in terms of profitability, passion, and balance.

We’ve had clients double their revenue, and even increase it tenfold.  VIP Platinum Coaching is for serious businesspeople who want a shortcut to massive success, and who understand that stewing over challenges for more than a few days is unproductive and it costs you money. Get answers now!

Contact Us to discuss joining the VIP Platinum coaching after your VIP Day.

1577_GB_Branding_Logo_DSA_subDesign Success Alliance

Once you reach $500,000 in revenue, we’ll invite you to apply for the Design Success Alliance (DSA), if memberships are available. DSA is an intimate group that meets several times throughout the year. This group meets at the spring and fall High Point Markets for cocktails, and dinner with a special guest presentation. Then the group meets at our live Interior Design Summit (July or August in Denver, CO), which includes cocktails with your DSA group and again at the Genius Exchange each November at a resort. We also host 4 mastermind calls over the course of a year, and your team is invited to attend 2 of those. Note: DSA is limited to 50 people. You’ll have the opportunity to develop close bonds with your peers, and you’ll be part of a close-knit, fun group of designers who are shooting for the stars! DSA members may invest in additional memberships for their senior team members, and members may nominate colleagues for DSA membership.

[headline_box text=”Significance $1M+ Annual Revenue”]

The Boardroom

For top tier clients, The Boardroom is an exclusive membership of 12 companies (24 people). The Boardroom meets twice a year at resort locations so our members can work on their businesses while socializing with other fast-growth business owners who have high aspirations. We host four mastermind calls each year for The Boardroom members, and we meet for social dinners outside of the retreats. We invite key business leaders and icons of the industry to share their knowledge and wisdom with this group. The Boardroom is by invitation only.

We also offer CFO Services such as cash flow projections and financial and job costing analysis. VIP Days with icons in the industry may be available on a very limited basis depending on your company’s specific goals.

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