How to Start a Conversation with Your Interior Design Prospects

It’s can be tricky starting up a conversation with a prospect.

The first piece of advice I’d give you is to know what your relationship is with the person you are talking to…

Are they a good friend that you’ve known for years?
Are they someone you haven’t see for a while?
Are they someone you’ve seen around but never spoken to?
Or, are they someone you who you’ve never met before?

The smartest thing you can do before starting any conversation is to understand your relationship with that particular person, whether you are at a networking event or a party.

Knowing the answer is important because it parallels the question of “how do you start a sales conversation with your prospects?” How do you start the dialogue that will allow you to really connect with the prospect in order to maximize the effectiveness of your sales and marketing?

The answer is essentially the same whether you are at an event or closing the sale with a client.

Ask yourself the question before beginning the conversation:  “How well, if at all, does this prospect know me and my product or service?”

Advertising legend Gene Schwartz covers this subject at length in in his book “Breakthrough Advertising.” He studied, in depth, “ the stages of awareness” that prospects go through.

From Schwartz’s analysis, here are questions that will help you better understand your relationship to your prospect and help to start the sales conversation.

4 Key questions to ask yourself before you start the conversation:

  • Does he or she know who you are?
  • Does he or she know about your product, program, service?
  • Does he or she know about the problem they’re currently experiencing that you can solve for them?
  • Is he or she aware of solutions that are available to help solve their problems?

Once you definitively know the answers to these 4 key questions, you can then determine the best approach to opening your sales conversation.

These 4 key questions are important to think about.

When you’re able to start a sales conversation the right way, you more likely maximize the number of prospects that get drawn into your message, your sales letter, your sales video or whatever.

Bottom Line:  If you aren’t able to figure out who you are talking to them and how you can help, you’re in for a long struggle in your marketing.


Gail Doby

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  1. Berni Greene, ASID on March 9, 2016 at 2:35 am

    I would like to know more about this subject!! Sometimes it’s so easy especially with an old client coming back.

    Other times especially if it is a new client shopping around for a designer, it is more difficult!

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