Get Inspired At Fall HPMKT

By Drue Lawlor, FASID
Director of Coaching, Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting

There is a quote on the High Point website from a friend and member of my local design community, Jeanne Chung, stating “I can’t afford to just hear about trends. I have to experience them for myself.” It caused me to think about the various ways we as designers get inspired. As I asked others and made my own list, I realized that most items on the list could be connected to the value of attending High Point and other market events.

I always return from conferences and markets feeling as if my creativity has been refreshed – to say nothing of the value of getting out of the office and day-to-day activities of running a business.

So here are some suggestions of ways to get inspired and how they all connect back to High Point Market!

Immerse yourself in things that energize you. I would assume that you love design (or else maybe you are in the wrong profession?) so what could be more inspirational than attending High Point Market where you will be surrounded by design inspiration. There you will experience new products, new colors, new ideas, and so much more. As Jeanne suggests – don’t just let yourself hear about trends – experience them!

Spend time reading. Reading can provide fresh thoughts and ideas. When taking the time to read and learn about what will be exhibited and shared at High Point before you arrive, you will begin to be inspired even before you arrive. There will be a sense of excitement and expectation as you make your travel plans and that will start your creative juices flowing.

Stay up-to-date and learn more about what is current and what is predicted in the design industry. What better way to do so that to not just read about it but to experience it in person – where you are able to personally test products, ask questions, find options, and expand your inspiration.

Change your routine. Certainly you can do this without traveling to High Point but travel itself should be added to the list of what inspires. Remaining stuck in your daily routine can cause you to stop noticing inspirational things going on around you. Shake up your routine and you will be inspired by new views, sounds and smells. And travel is a wonderful way to shake things up – and open your mind to new ideas.

Get inspired by connecting with others. Bounce ideas off others, and gather with others in the design industry. What better place to do so than High Point Market where you can connect with designers you may have met from participating in Gail Doby events or seminars, make new friends and reconnect with old friends. You can, of course, gather with those in the design industry without leaving your home town, but remember the recommendation above – to change your routine and travel.

So begin planning your “inspirational journey” to High Point Fall Market where you can surround yourself with ways to get inspired.


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