Are You Ready To Grow Your Business And Earn More Money The Fastest Way Possible?

Gail Doby Certified Coaches (GDCC) are uniquely qualified to help interior design firm owners grow their businesses more profitably. Each coach is selected based on their training in business and/or experience as a business owner. In some cases, our GDCC specialists are life coaches, and some are trained in other coaching methods and programs. Our GDCC coaches also have life experience that applies directly to your needs as an interior design firm business owner.

Why Did Gail Doby Develop The GDCC Program?

Gail has been fully booked with coaching clients for several months, and she was frustrated that she couldn’t help all of the people that need and deserve assistance in solving business challenges. And in some cases, the design firm owner’s businesses aren’t quite ready to invest in coaching and consulting with Gail, but they do need help at a more affordable level. So, Gail decided to develop a training program to expand her reach to clients that need immediate assistance. Gail carefully selected the coaches because of their passion for helping business owners in the interior design industry.

What’s Different About Our GDCC Coaches?

We’ve built a 12-month Strategic Business Transformation (SBT) self-paced coaching program, and our coaches have been personally trained by Gail Doby in the program’s methodology. You’ll receive our GDCC’s valuable advice to apply the SBT coaching program to your specific business. You’re in great hands with our coaches.

Meet your Coaches

Qualifying Prospective Clients

Drue Lawlor

FASID – Director of Coaching for
Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting

Drue is a passionate educator and interior designer, and the Director of Coaching for Design Success University. She and Gail co-developed the 12-month Strategic Business Transformation Group Coaching program to teach interior designers how to build or redesign their businesses for profit and success. 

Drue is an NCIDQ qualified interior designer with a passion for helping clients create safer, healthier homes. She has combined that passion with her expertise in design for positive aging, along with a strong teaching, training, and national speaking background to co-found Boomers with a Plan B, and is Director of Coaching for Design Success University. 

Boomers with a Plan B, in partnership with Make Green Go Green, educates baby boomers and others about creating a legacy of wellness —physically and financially.

Drue is a Fellow of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and was a member of ASID’s Aging in Place Council for 4 years, having served as Chair for 2 of those years. She also served on the National Board as well as serving as Chair of various other ASID Councils. In addition, Drue spent a number of years as a Strategic Planning Counselor and an ASID National Trainer.

Drue is also the co-author, with designer Michael Thomas, FASID, of Residential Design for Aging in Place. She has written a monthly article for Senior Magazine on “Aging-in-Place” and was a contributor to the following books: Design for Aging: Post Occupancy Evaluations and Interior Graphic Standards, second edition.

Nancy Dale

Gail Doby Certified Coach

With over 20 years in the Financial Services industry, and having built successful companies, Nancy is very knowledgeable in how to optimize productivity and get results. She is adept at listening to client’s needs and determining the best solutions. 

Nancy believes that any goal can be achieved through collaboration, persistence and a “roll-up your sleeves to get the job done” attitude.

Nancy’s knowledge of project management, business operations and development are a tremendous asset to any interior design firm owner that is struggling with organization and growth. In fact, Nancy grew a company she founded with her husband from 2 – 60 employees and to a valuation of over $100 million. She ran operations which included human resources, marketing and branding, technology infrastructure and quality assurance as well as lead international partnerships.

In addition to this, Nancy has worked in the portfolio management industry dealing with high net-worth clients. She developed and ran marketing campaigns on how to reach target markets and close their business. She owned and operated an education course which focused on investment knowledge, budgeting and retirement planning at a local college. This course was sold out every semester that it was offered through her marketing efforts and networking.

Nancy has transitioned into the Design Industry to pursue a passion that she has had since childhood. She is now a free-lance Interior Designer, collaborating with Lenart Architecture in New York City. She is active in the International Interior Design Association and the American Society of Interior Designers.

Yasmine Bijan

Gail Doby Certified Coach

Yasmine is a passionate, inspirational speaker and business advisor with expertise in Business Leadership Coaching and Consulting, Relationship Marketing and sales, and Self-Empowerment. 

Her expertise in Business Leadership Coaching and Consulting, Relationship Marketing and sales, and Self-Empowerment is paired with a full commitment to transforming her client’s lives. 

Yasmine’s corporate career spanned over 12 years in Sales, Management, and Training for one the largest wireless carriers in the country. Since 2004, she created her own entrepreneurial Mentorship programs that combine coaching and empowerment strategies to help her clients achieve their goals. 

Yasmine was featured as a ‘Master Mentor’ in two powerful documentary films; “The Power of

Mentorship: The Movie” and “The Voices of Women.” She is a valued contributing author to several books with world-renowned speakers, coaches, and trainers like Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Les Brown. Her books include, “The Power of the Platform – Speakers on Success,” “The Power of Coaching II,” and “The Law of Attraction, Special Edition.” 

Yasmine is also a 2007 San Diego Business Journal finalist for the “Women Who Mean Business Award.”

What Yasmine enjoys most is the opportunity to impact someone’s life. Her passion is making a difference in the lives of others … whether it is for her clients, her readers, her toddler, or her family and friends. Her other passions are traveling and being outdoors.

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