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Interior Design Summit 2016
“After implementing the things that I learned at the Interior Design Summit, my business in the second half of last year was 30% more profitable...”
Tennille Wood, Interior Design Summit 2016 Attendee
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Genius Exchange
“Genius Exchange is a more in-depth, hands on approach to working on your business. It is expertise advice that can be scaled for any business.”
Julia Kirkendall, Genius Exchange
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Boardroom Retreat
“The Boardroom is a genuinely sincere and fantastic group of successful people - absolutely inspiring! It's a great next step to take your business to the next level, especially for those working solo.”
Vicky Serany, Boardroom Retreat
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VIP Intensive
“I signed up for the VIP Intensive because I needed clarity, validation and direction for my business. It’s well worth the investment both personally and as a business owner.”
Lisa DeFrances, VIP Intensive
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Design Bloggers Conference 2017
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