SBT – Frequently Asked Questions

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Below, we’ve listed some of the questions we hear most frequently, and their answers, to help you determine whether this powerful group coaching program is a good match for you.

I’m already stressed-out. I am afraid that if I enroll in this program, it will just add more to my plate. How can I justify adding another “to-do” to my list?

First of all, keep in mind that the systems you learn in this program dramatically improve your personal effectiveness and your business’ efficiency – thereby freeing up your time. We think you’ll be surprised when we show you real-life examples of how much time you’re probably wasting right now. Also, remember that we DO strongly suggest that you spend at least 2 hours per week working ON your business (not IN it). If that seems like a stretch right now, rest assured that what we teach you will free up that amount of time (and probably much more) for you.

How is this business-building program different from others?

As you read above, Gail has a degree in finance and banking as well as interior design, and she built a multi-six-figure business not just once, but twice! She and Drue Lawlor, FASID, the Director of Coaching for SBT bring more than 60 combined years of business and interior design experience to this program that is specifically designed for you as an interior designer. Drue and Gail have worked in the interior design business as well as the business of educating interior designers for years. They constantly stay abreast of what’s working and what isn’t. So you can rest assured that while Drue and Gail have a comprehensive understanding of situations unique to the design industry, they also have a comprehensive understanding of business-related details. It’s the perfect marriage of industry and business. Plus, you’re learning from two people who have USED the techniques and shortcuts we’re teaching … so you KNOW they work!

I consider myself pretty successful already. Can’t I take my business to the next level without making this investment?

Chances are you CAN take your business to the next level without making this investment … but chances are, too, that it will take you much longer than it would with the help of a skilled coach. If your current skills haven’t taken you to the next level at this point, then that means you need new skills, doesn’t it? We’re here to give you the shortcuts to massive results. So while we’re sure that you’re completely capable of those results on your own, we also know that we can help you achieve them SO much faster, with less stress, less expense and less trial and error.

I’ve heard people say that the business of interior design is dying… and nobody wants to hire designers anymore. Is it really worth investing this much in my business, if my profession is going to become obsolete?

The industry is changing, there’s no doubt about it. But the great news is that change brings with it opportunity. You have the opportunity, right now, to change along with the industry, to ensure your profession doesn’t become obsolete – to find new ways to show people your value. With the systems you’ll discover to be a true business professional and CEO of your interior design practice, you’ll have the confidence, skills and knowledge to achieve your goals and dreams.

I have taken several other classes, and I’m worried that the information will be too generalized and won’t apply to me.

SBT was designed BY interior design business professionals FOR interior design business professionals. This is not a general course. You will get answers to your specific questions and you won’t have to “tailor” the education to the industry. We’ve done it for you. It’s like an MBA for interior designers, but it is step-by-step training that is clear, concise and simplified so that non-business owners can absorb and apply the tools and training.

My spouse/significant other may feel that the course is too expensive. I don’t know if I can convince him/her that it is worth the investment.

If you are the CEO of your business, doesn’t it make sense that you are the best person to make the decision about what you need to be successful in your business? Often, the people around us sense our lack of confidence, and play the Devil’s Advocate because they sense and feel that we don’t believe in ourselves, and that we are dabbling instead of building a serious business. If you aren’t achieving what you want in your business, then how will you change that if you stay rooted in your current situation without new skills? Ultimately, you have to make the decision for yourself and choose success over lackluster results or potential business failure due to not staying abreast of the changes in our industry. It’s important here to note that so far, on average, the designers who have invested in SBT have doubled their investment within the first year though we cannot guarantee these results for you.

I don’t have any business training other than one or two courses that I took in design school. Will this program be over my head?

Some of the material may be advanced for you, but we go through it step-by-step. If you keep reviewing the material, it will stick. Just remember that if you’re not seeing the results you want, you are probably lacking skills you need. In order to be truly successful in this business, you need to get those skills. If you can get the essential business skills in one year, then you are way ahead of the designers that have been making the same mistakes over and over for 20 – 30 years. Have faith in yourself that you are capable of learning anything you choose to learn. We’re here to support you. Just remember that a four-year business degree and MBA would cost tens of thousands of dollars … and then you’d have to stop what you’re doing to complete those programs. When you finished them, you’d still have to apply the learning to your situation which would take a lot of your valuable time.

I’ve been in business for years. Will I really learn anything new that will make this substantial investment worthwhile?

Be sure to read the comments from our previous SBD (the earlier version of the SBT course) enrollees below. This is not a “basic” class though we will “begin at the beginning. You’ll get answers to questions you never knew you had. You’ll have epiphanies as you experience the course materials, and you’ll wonder why you never “thought of that yourself.” Sometimes, you’re just too close to your business to have the perspective that we bring to you. That’s what we provide that you can’t do for yourself.

“Our business is up over 30% last year and
up over nearly 20% from our best year in 
the 12 years we have been in business.”
Kelly Guinaugh,
Interior Enhancement Group, Inc.,
Inverness, IL


Well-Organized, Easy To Understand Templates And Tools

Gail you are amazing: the perfect combination of right-brained creativity and left-brained order. You understand the way designers think, including their strengths and weaknesses, and use that knowledge as well as your incredible understanding of marketing to provide well-organized, easy to understand templates and tools for us to use to build the businesses we so passionately want to achieve. I think that it just may be your influence and drive that will turn our entire industry around after several years of total devastation! You are remarkable in your ability to predict the needs of your clients and to be ready to fill those needs with well thought out, well-developed lesson plans and tools even before your clients are aware that they need them.

Victoria Lyon Martin
Victoria Lyon Interiors, Old Greenwich, CT
Your Program Is The Best In The Market – By A Wide Margin!

Happy New Year! I have been reading your emails and recently was looking at the 2013 ID Survey and felt I wanted to reach out to you again and say “thank you”. I believe it has been nearly 3 years ago that I took your SBD course. I am continually using the material that I learned in this course and have applied to my business.A year or so ago I mentioned to you that I didn’t realize at the time how much I was learning and that is still the case. It was definitely the best course I have ever taken and the proof is in our results.

The business side of ID has always been my favorite side of the business – I know that is so unusual – but it’s true. I love the number side of things and the mounds of valuable information that we garner from them. Of course, they are the most “fun” to look at when they are going the direction we want them to go.

Our business is up over 30% last year and up over nearly 20% from our best year in the 12 years we have been in business. We implemented a dashboard which my office manager updates monthly so I have a quick snapshot of the numbers that I monitor closely. Our margins were up 4% and I increased my actual billing hours. In 2012 I hired a junior design assistant and this year I am planning a Q1 hire of a senior designer so that I can spend my time pursuing and closing new business. I just wanted to say thank you for the great work you and your team are doing. I think your program is the best in the market – by a wide margin! I get so tired of people saying “designers don’t make any money” – I guess based on the survey you conducted that is true. However, it is true of most fields unless people have a smart plan and work it. I have the most clarity I have ever had in my business which feels so ‘freeing’. So once again, thank you.

Kelly Guinaugh, Interior Enhancement Group, Inc., Inverness, IL