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Getting Published — Is It Important?

By Gail Doby, ASID CVO and Co-Founder of Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting Photo Credit: Katie Klein The next best thing to experiencing great interior design is viewing images of great interior design. We all know those images don’t tell the whole story about the spaces we create. They may even give a false impression…

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Podcasting: The New PR

By Nick May Owner at Walls By Design and Podcast Host at The Chaise Lounge In the digital age we are now living in, PR no longer solely consists of mentions on the radio or television, a spot in a newspaper or magazine, press releases or events. We can now swiftly use social media, and…

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Are you the reason you’re attracting penny pinching clients?

Are you the reason you’re attracting penny pinching clients

One of the most important things we focus with our clients is their mindset. Why you might ask?   Because frankly your mindset either works for you or against you.  All too often we hear “Why am I attracting penny pinching clients? We teach how to get your mindset working for you, so you can build…

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The Best Social Media Marketing Platform For Interior Designers

The Best Social Media Marketing Platform For Interior Designers

Are you confused about what is the best social media marketing platform for interior designers? It’s hard to keep up with all the social media outlets. New ones are coming online all the time, and some are better suited for certain purposes than others.  Instagram has captured a lot of attention in the design community…

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Are You a Known Brand in Your Market?

Are You a Known Brand in Your Market

By Gail Doby, ASID If you are like most designers, you have a passion for your work, and yet you don’t see your business or yourself as a “brand.” It is actually a good idea to think of your design work and your business as a “brand.” Why? Because it is more comfortable to promote…

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Avoiding Client Nightmares, Part 2

  We talked last week about things you can do and look for to prevent clients from turning into nightmares. You can reference the points we discussed HERE. Today, we’re going to touch on clues you can look for and the questions you can ask Clues Watch for one spouse to dominate the conversation, talking…

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Avoiding Client Nightmares, Part 1

  According to Keith Granet, consultant to celebrity interior designers and architects, the biggest reason interior designers go out of business is working with nightmare clients. Have you worked with nightmare clients before? I have. I remember the sleepless nights, panicky feelings about not getting paid, and in some cases actually had a few clients…

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