7 Recommended Marketing Tasks For Your Interior Design Business

I often get asked this question:  What marketing tasks should I consider that will make a big impact on my business?

Here my list of 7 things that I recommend you consider when planning your marketing budget:

1. Photography

Think about how many projects do you intend to photograph and how you will use those images.

Do you have a good architectural/interiors photographer? Better yet, find a photographer that has connections to magazine editors and he or she may be able to get your work published. Your photographer can actually help you reach your goal of getting published faster if your work fits the magazine’s style.

This is very important and if you don’t, look at what other designer’s photos and when you see images that you like, ask them for a recommendation.

2. Work with A Stylist

Working with a stylist at your photo shoot can really take your project photos to a whole new level.  Especially if you aren’t experienced with styling your own shoots.

My recommendation is to hire your photographer and then ask if he/she can recommend a stylist.

Set up a time and meet with the stylist to review their work and discuss fees.

3. Show Homes

Larger interior design firms tend to participate more often in show homes because they have both the team and the budget.

Doing a show home is the same as doing a client project time-wise.

Sometimes it can take even more of your time because you have to find resources that are willing to loan you the materials and furnishings AND you have to manage the team.

You’ll want to spend time planning how you’ll make the most of this exposure to attract new clients.

Here are few things to consider when planning your marketing:

  • Create and have marketing materials to have on hand
  • Staff the show home to interact with the visitors.
  • Magazines with your contact information added, is an excellent idea if the show home is featured in a magazine.  Send them to local Realtors, architects, builders, general contractors, past and current clients.

4. Client Touch Points

It’s a smart marketing tactic, happy clients are often repeat clients and more likely to refer you.  Stay in touch with them on a regular basis by planning how you will do this and be sure to add a line item to your budget for gifts and cards.

5. Update Your Website

If you haven’t updated your website in the past 3 years, it’s time!  Especially if your site is not mobile friendly, as more people are browsing the internet via their mobile phones and other devices.

You want to put your best foot forward and make a great impression.

Plan your budget and time required to prepare and review the materials for your website update.

**Note that if you want to add new project to your site, don’t put the photos on your website or online until the project has been published by the target magazine.   And get an agreement in writing stating how long you can use the photos on your site.

6. Plan Your Advertising Budget

Don’t waste your precious marketing budget on glossy ads in magazines because those readers may not be your Ideal Clients, and you may end up paying thousands of dollars for getting in front of prospects that aren’t in your market area.

I suggest that a wiser investment is working developing relationships with the writers and editors of your local or regional newspapers and magazines so they can run a feature on a project. Getting featured in these publications can be a big boost your business.

7. Online sites

Houzz has been a great source of leads for many designers. Be sure to keep your portfolio updated and ask your clients to post their reviews of their experience with you.

I suggest that you blog out time or have someone on your team be in charge of making sure your portfolio is updated at least once every six to twelve months.

There are many more marketing tactics that you can use to promote your business, these 7 will give you a good foundation to help you grow your business.


Gail Doby


  1. William Geddes on May 9, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Some designers, or course, are great stylists on their own. But Ib always encourage designers to use stylists for shoots. It does not have to be as involved as you think. Mostly, its some nice flowers well placed and then rearranging existing props in the home.

  2. PATRICIA BEAN PHOTOGRAPHY on May 13, 2016 at 10:14 am

    Being available during the photo shoot is best so the effort is collaborative. Things look entirely different from the perspective of the photographer and you want to help make those decisions. Be sure to direct the photographs to tell the story, highlight the details that made the project really stand-out.

  3. Deidre Remtema on May 14, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    Do you thinking blogging is worth while for ran interior designer? I used to have a blog, but took it down for a while. I am wondering if it helps build credibility or is it a waste of time and effort.

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