How Important is Social Media for Your Design Business?

Wondering if you need to invest your time and energy into Social Media Marketing?

My answer to you is that it all depends….

Depends on what?  Well, you need a few things in place to make it all worthwhile:

  1. An overall marketing plan
  2. A way to measure your results from your efforts

Done right, social media can add value to your business by building buzz and driving traffic to your website.  That being said, not all social media efforts are worth a lot of your precious time, especially when you have a busy and thriving business.

To make it worth your time you need to have a marketing plan

I find that very few interior designers even have a Marketing Plan, which tells me that they don’t have a strategy for getting in front of more prospects.   You need a strategy so you can determine which marketing tactics are appropriate for your business.

Measuring results is how you know if your efforts are working

If you don’t measure your results such as how many clients you get from each tactic, then how do you know if you are spending your time wisely or where you can improve? It’s impossible.

Here’s a few things to ask yourself when reviewing your Social Media Strategy:

  • How many clients have you gotten from posting on twitter or Facebook daily
  • How much time have you spent on Social Media last month or even the past year?
  • If you haven’t gotten clients, is the hope that your prospective clients are seeing your tweets?
  • How many calls or emails have you gotten from Ideal Clients?
  • Have you done projects as a result of the time spent on Social Media?
  • Are you asking your prospective clients how they found you?

If you aren’t getting a return for your efforts, it might be time to revamp your strategy or to stop tweeting.

I could go through each platform on Social Media and ask myself the same questions, but you get the idea. If you’re not getting results, evaluate your personal time and decide if you should be doing it yourself, or doing it at all.

Blogging is a different situation.

When you blog on a regular basis, the search engines like Google give you “extra points for fresh content using keywords that consumers use when searching for interior design information and even interior designers.” Blogging consistently also builds your brand’s personality and gets you in front of your prospects.

People buy from people they know, like and trust.  If people reading your blog enjoy how you write, they will most likely enjoy working with you.

Your blog posts should include lots of pictures to grab your reader’s interest and keep them reading.   Be sure those pictures have an “Alt-Tag” that describes the photo – for example “living room interior design Denver Colorado.”  This way If a prospect is searching for one or all of those keywords and your competitor’s websites don’t have those keywords on them, then your site is more likely to appear in their search.

Adding keywords to your title, throughout your article and in your meta description will also help you get found.

Houzz is another “social media” site that is worth your time and can generate leads for your business

You want to be seen where your prospects are. Make it a practice to regularly post your current work and communicate with potential clients if someone makes a comment or asks a question. Be sure to ask your clients to give you a review because that builds trust. Prospective clients look for other people’s opinions about you before hiring you.

Is social media worth the time?

It can be, but you need to spend some time creating a plan that is broken down into:

  • A strategy, tactics and a budget AKA a Marketing Plan
  • A way to measure your efforts on an ongoing basis to see what is working and if it is worth your time.

Do this before you invest your time and money in social media.

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Gail Doby


  1. Tracey Taylor on May 20, 2016 at 6:53 am

    Brilliant, Gail! I love your blogs. Related to this, would you consider blogging on the impact social media has on the value of interior design/ers? I know that the more we “properly” post & inform the public, the more valuable iinterior design becomes….

    • Gail Doby on May 20, 2016 at 7:21 am

      Thank you, Tracey! I’ll put that on the list of topics. I appreciate the suggestion.

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  3. Rhonda Knoche on September 15, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Great one, Gail. Social media for its own sake really is a squirrel cage. (It’s like following a design trend that’s not really you.) To figure out our ideal client base, where they go and then measure results is so important. I keep track of where leads come from and actual percentage of income they represent. I also ask each lead “why me?” It helps me understand what spoke to them. Sometimes the answers are surprising, even funny. Thanks for your good reminders, as ever.

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