Good Design Does Have Economic Value—No Matter What Critics of Contemporary Architecture Say

Some may not consider the economic value of architecture because of its relationship with a capitalist economy. Some say that the design of the building has no bearing on the value for instance. With Contemporary Architecture this is not usually the case. Some even argue that depending on who the designer is may have a direct effect on the value itself. The author here notes others perspectives as well as his own on this dilemma in modern society and how design is not related to value in a comparative narrative.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to D’Aprile, society as a whole does not value architecture very much except when well-known architects are involved in high-profile, profitable projects.
  • Universities and museums often hire the same architects for marquee projects for both the name recogniztion and the possibility of kickstart fundraising campaigns.
  • However, well designed and built buildings can help to cut operating costs, as well as contribute to the inhabitants physical and emotional well-being.

“Even if we concede that architecture is driven primarily by economics, D’Aprile misses the mark when she claims that good design can’t create value through aesthetics, other than in those rarefied cases where the architect’s fame draws attention.”

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