5 Things Every Startup Should Know

Potential entrepreneurs have an uphill battle when building a business and trying to differentiate themselves from the competition. The good news is that there are some great tips when starting a business from scratch that every would-be entrepreneur should know. First, realize that someone out there will always have an unfair advantage over you. Just fight through it and keep working toward your vision. Finding investors is tough, which is why so many start-ups are now looking at crowdfunding on Kickstarter and similar applications. Also, it’s best not to quit your day job, at least not in the beginning. You need to continue to support yourself while your create your dream business.

Key Takeaways:

  • While it shouldn’t stop you, it is important to realize that there will always be those with a disparate advantage over you.
  • Even if your idea is great and sure to succeed, you should not quit your job while your new enterprise is still getting established.
  • While getting financed is apt to prove hairy, as no one likes giving money away, today’s crowdfunding opportunities offer fresh financing options.

“The main thing you must always remember when you are looking to run a business is to make a plan, make a plan of that plan, and then make a backup plan just in case.”

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